funky vs. fabulous {friday}


-folding fitted sheets. 

-being so tired, falling asleep seems exhausting. 

-when a picture falls off the wall. those sticky strips never stick. 

-naps after dinner. you know the consequences... 

-literally feeling helpless while attempting my homework. 

-the middle of the night "did i miss my alarm?" freak out 

-when the facebook layout changes, just when I was getting comfortable. 

{above} nude&grey in public {below} nude&grey at practice 

{top} gap body {pants} lulu lemon {glasses} gucci 

{glasses}tory burch {necklace} F21 {top} U&O {pants} F21 {shoes} dolce vita 


-really motivating professors 

-the clothing stores conveniently located on my walk home.

-when people are friendly. it really changes my day and inspires me to do the same. 

-online shopping = getting the job done when you're sore and tired from workout. 

-the HeyTell app: pretending you're 5 again just got easier. 

-3 day weekends. yay yay. 

happy labor day weekend. have fun. stay safe. 


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