funky vs. fabulous {friday}

Fabulous (as in fabulous not fabolous

-free coffee. obviously. 

-football season. 

-study parties. 

-chips & guac.

-my bike light. it's like a mini disco. 

-surprise packages.  

-trying new foods and new places (this week, it was Indian food!) 

{boots} Rosegold {skirt} F21 {top} chaser {bag/glasses} gucci

and this is me practicing my "freestyle on land.." 

don't mind me and the random car?

shake it like a...


-thinking class started 30 minutes later then i actually does. 

-trying to bike and drink coffee 

-falling asleep while typinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

-when the gogs (short for goggles) snap in practice. 

-me and yoga. but i still love it.  

weekend. week. end. the week is coming to an end. 

thank goodness. 

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