under 5

So I was thinking...yes, what a shocker! 

But really.

There are tons of things to do under 5 minutes that can make me be a better athlete or even "better," a better person. 

{ how much are you enjoying this random, unrelated photo? }

-roll out your muscles with one of these.

-journal about your thoughts, workouts, goals...

-phone a friend.


-write a thank you note. 

-LIKE pwp. ohh and invite your friends 2 LIKE it too. 

(like, really though. i would like LOVE it.)


-make a smoothie to kick start your day. 

-watch this

-review your notes. 

-read the news. gain awareness. 

-deep deep deep condition your swimmer hair (hey, if your hair looks good, you feel good!

-google "quotes." get inspired. 

ps: you could also paint your nails, then do your pushups? just a thought. 

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