Hey. What makes your home (cough cough apartment, dorm, bedroom, basement, car?) a home? Probably not the Ikea coffee table that we all have or the futon passed down from your cousin's best friend's brother. What makes your humble abode quite the place are the memories that you can look at that make you proud, happy, loved, and even motivated. So yes, I am obsessed with these little things called memories that make me feel at home in my home away from home. 

{got over a fear. accomplished a goal. surprised myself.} 

{a reminder to always be a kid}

{i worked hard for this}

{reminders of good times before I walk out the door}

{a little note that I just got...16 years later from my sister.} 

{hard work pays off}

{a favorite photo from traveling. good quote. lucky butterfly.}  

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