funky vs. fabulous {friday}

Funky vs. Fabulous combined with Practice vs. Public 


-reunited with my team 

-hints of fall weather 

-going on runs and running into friends (because than you're no longer running) 

-baking with friends 

-trips to Target to shop for the "school supplies" that you don't need...

-reminiscing on vacation 

{shoes} gap body {jeans} miss me {tank} gap body {sweater} ? {scarf} gift {shorts} gap body



-the price of text books. how can it be ok that they can charge people that?

-setting the fire alarm off while cooking...more than once. 

-when you accidentally shrink something in the laundry 

-saying goodbye to summer. 

-east coasters' reactions to an earthquake 

-getting awkwardly hot after drinking a coffee  

-calling the hurrincane Irene and not Snooki 

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