maui wowi.

Last week I was living the dream in Maui. Today I'm living reality doing homework assigned to me although classes haven't officially started. BUT it's all ok because I have tons of pics and really good memories to look back at. The girls and I went snorkelin, jet skiin, shoppin, eatin, walkin, runnin, etc. It was quite the adventure. Take a looky for yourself. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 


-i ate way to many chocolate covered macadamia nuts

-girls week = a "that's what she said" contest. inappropriate

-of course within my first 3 hours on the island I looked like a lobster and then felt sick the rest of the day. 

-i've never felt so relaxed in my life

-yes, i did meet another swimmer at the hotel gym

-kona coffee is my drug of choice

-i played tennis for the first time ever. 

-we successfully went to bed before 9:30 every got crazzzy.

-i pretended i was a mermaid every time I went for a swim. don't judge. 

-i got a henna. it looks like a real tattoo. im now 200% instead of 100% positive i will never be getting a tat. you can breathe now mom.  

-i successfully convinced everyone i met that I was the adopted blonde child. 

-i took a break from makeup and the hair straightener. it was glorious. 

-i wanna go back.

Thanks MN, AN, and VN, and MB for taking meee. lets do it again. and again. 

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