cool muscles.

just a little reminder that muscles are cool.

and why might you ask?

-because you don't have that flab when you practice your Miss America wave 

-some people don't even have muscles, which is why im so passionate about this organization here 

-costco trips are so much easier 

-until your about 18, you can still beat the boys/they start to catch up! 

-your legs look hot in heels, and skirts, well almost anything. 

-you can eat more because muscles burn more

-the number on the scale doesn't matter, because muscle weighs more then fat 

-they let people know, you mean business. 

-muscles are a result of your hard work 

seriously guys (as in girls in this case) don't be ashamed. why would you want to look like an airbrushed cover girl? that isn't real my friends. this is 2011 not 1911. girls like you and me have muscles. because we worked our booties off to get em. you can still be cute and wear the trends and don't have to hide in sweats. so to you my friends, own it because muscles are the best accessory. duh. 

 {because these aren't embarrassing at all...}

hope this helps lexi.


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