viva las vegas.

VIVA LAS VEGAS! What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas, it turns into a post...

A few days ago, my sisters (well sister and almost sister) gathered our best road trip snacks and music and headed off on a random trip to "sin city." Despite never seeing the "welcome to Nevada" sign, it was fun to road trip outside the state and watch the temperature fluctuate between 100 and 110 degrees respectively. It was nice to lose track of time and escape to what I refer to as grownup Disneyland. 

{desert for miles} 

{our craziest moment, the ohh so famous "frozen hot chocolate" from Serendipity}

{our main source of fuel} 

{lights. lights. lights}  

{pit stop to switch drivers} 

{cap* brought her neon nails and an "arm party"} 

{many laughs} 

{this pic hints that i've probably seen Holly's reality show...and so have you}

I had a great time in Vegas because I was surrounded by great company. It's definitely a city that overwhelms me and can be a bit much, but it was a fun adventure and beat sticking around the 'burbs.  

*ps: "capo/cap" is my sisters nickname. i've called her that since i was 4. i don't know why, but it feels more natural then calling her Hannah, even on da blog. bare with me, remember, I LOVE nicknames. 

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