funky vs. fabulous.

 funky vs. fabulous combined with a practice vs. public. 


-going to give a high-5. missing the high-5.

-room temperature coffee. 

-insomnia as a result of my body getting rest. 

-flakey people and things. 

-the nightly ritual of scrubbing off your water proof mascara. 

-growing up. 

-seaweed chips (my personal opinion.) 

{top} kitson {jeans} jbrand {assortment of bangles}{glasses} ray-ban {spandex} adidas {shoes} nike 


-reunions with high school friends 

-long talks on at the beach 

-august vacation

-"sex and the city" reruns 

-a perfectly ripe banana 

-boxing as "therapy" 

-the perfect quote at the perfect moment

ohh happy day :) 

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