confessions from an airport.

Ever seriously think about the airport beyond security check and flashing your pearly whites alongside your awkward ID photo? Places like LAX should be given their own zip code with the thousands of employees, businesses, and people that travel in and out of this place. I would love to ponder airport “hustle and bustle” in a deeper way, but in my typical manner, I have thought it over in funky vs. fabulous list…


- the price of a coffee - when security accused you of cutting the line - the uneven “walk” from carrying that big oversized bag - taking a USC parking bus (no offense, I’m just a BEAR) - no leg room, ever - being in the same clothes for what feels like days - originally writing this post on the back of a magazine -


- TEXANS, and making friends with them - the excitement of starting an adventure - catching up on favorite magazines - invention of hand sanitizer - people watching - curbside bag check - the healthier food options now available - secretly wanting to buy the tacky tourist tees - 

ok. happy sunday. the next time i do a post, it will be from the beach.

spoil yourself.


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