funky vs. fabulous {friday}


-when you dress according to the song stuck in your head….in my case it was black and yellow.

-when a swimmer's fridge has NO food. 

-when someone calls you during a nap.

-putting on a damp/still-wet-from-a.m.-practice swim suit.

-when the fire alarm goes off in pilates.

-the show “I didn’t know I was pregnant”

-identity theft.

-forgetting the birthday gift at home. 


-bread baskets

- weekends at home

-really sweet emails

-scooter rides

-outdoor movies

-oj spritzers (orange juice + Fresca.) nothing treats a cold better. thanks dad.

-glitter anything (ps: Googling “glitter" = total MySpace flashback, not that i ever had one.)

-flying on the 4th of July. I saw fireworks all across California. 

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