funky vs. fabulous.

 funky vs. fabulous combined with a practice vs. public. 

just for you. 


-forgetting the bike lock. talk about a win for em. 

-when your phone is out of 11am. 

-waking up without your alarm at 5:45am, on your only day to sleep in. 

-going to pay and there is no wallet. 

-when a bird poops on your clean car. 

-the neighbor who gives birth...across the hall. 

-trying to track down mail/packages residing at your former residence. 

{off to be "studious"}

{glasses} thrifted {bag} gift from Italy {shirt} old navy {pants} reversible! lulu lemon {sweat shirt} f21

{off to practice}


-a massage. or two?

-only locking myself out once this summer! 

-sampling/sneaking peanut butter pretzels from the bulk food section @ the store. yes, i just fessed up. 

-popcorn and a movie. the theme of the last few nights. 

-long talks with the sister. she magically makes everything better.

-breakfast for dinner.

-when the right people seem to come into your life at the right time. 

-when your teammates do big things. 


{happy weekend} 

ps: have you joined the facebook party yet? i think you should. it will take our friendship to whole 'notha level.

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