Carmel or Caramel?

This past weekend I took a day trip with a few friends to Carmel {by-the-sea.} It's been a little excursion that I had been wanting to do for a while and finally had the chance. We left in morning, stopped at the 'bucks, and were off on a nice little adventure down the coast. Sunroof open, windows down, we cruised to oldies and country music until we hit this little town where we...

{laughed a lot} 

{ate yummy things like "elephant ears," macaroons, and brownies} 

{played in the sand}

{admired all the pretty doors on all the pretty houses} 

{went for long walks on the cliche} 

{fell in love with the views}

{and people watched} 

My favorite part of this trip, is that it felt like we were so far away from the "usual," but we really weren't. It was so refreshing to have nothing planned and just adventure. It really was the perfect day. 

So thankful. xxo

for directions/info on how to get "by-the-sea" go here

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