gettin' crafty.

The only thing I miss more about my childhood than being able to eat anything I want is coloring. I supose I could still color whenever I want, but my stick figures just aren't accepted as "cute" anymore and I simply don't have the time. So when there is any occasion to bust out my markers, lets say to make something for my amazing teammates swimming at the 2011 World Championships, the markers come out, IN FULL FORCE. 

my sister from another Mr. , Kat and I busted out the watercolors, old mags, and markers to make some good luck mugs, because every swimmer likes their coffee. It felt really good to get all crafty on Sunday like the good old days. 

But seriously friends, you should try it. Get creative, even if you believe you have nooo artistic abilty....becasue that probably is NOT true. I'm thinking a really cool thing would be to put together inspiring pics or maybe list some goals so you can be reminded every time you sip! 

{We got these mugs at Target, but I also have some from Starbucks.} 

ps: remember this mug defiently is one of my obessions. 

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