So exactly one year ago from today I started this little thing. 365 days ago, I wasn't a happy camper, struggling (and I emphasize the word struggle) with the events life put in front of me. Trying to make lemonade out of lemons, I thought that starting a website about everything I love, would help get me through. I never knew what a blog was, nor did I think doing something like this, would last longer than a month. Well, truth be told, Pushups with Polish ended up changing my life. It helped me heal and become myself again. Not only was I able to recognize and appreciate the little things in life, but I could share them with people like myself. I have met tons of great people along the way and couldn't be more thankful. Thanks for taking part in this journey and for all your love and support. Trust me, this is the first of many years to come, and I can only hope one day that doing Pushups with Polish becomes bigger then you, me, and itself. One day, PWP will not only be a site, but a lifestyle. 

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A look back at the last year...

{my first attempt at an "outfit post"}

{the DIYs}

{making hair ties}

{the very famous brownies} 

{practicing my pushups} 

{going on adventures}

 and many others like: peanuts on airplanesthe swimmer bun, and the "apple cars." 

Here's to another 365. xxo 

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