"ohh that's cute"

Ever think about the “ohh that’s cute” line?

Yes, don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about…it’s that very moment when you are “reviewing” a group photo and you say “ohh that’s cute.” And in this very picture, your friend is blinking, your boyfriend is in mid chew, and your sister is picking her nose, but girlfriend, you, YOU look hot! But let’s get real, “it’s cute,” because you were only looking at yourself (for the most part.) And yes, I just called you, me, and even your mom out. All of us GUILTY. Don’t deny it.  So now on this very day, you have thought about it...is that picture really cute?? Or are you just really cute??? Hummm.

{Wanna see something real cute? click the photo}

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