I've rambled about it before, like in this post here, but clean brushes = purrty makeup and a clear face. So I found an even better way to clean those brushes (if you don't want to splurge on a professional cleaner.) Trust me on this little combo...I found that dish soap and olive oil work like a charm (thanks to youtube.) So whip up this little concoction if you so please. 

{1. Gather dirty brushes. Don't judge mine, you know yours are just as bad}

{2. On a plate put 1 part e.v.o.o to 2 parts dish wash soap. The soap gets the dirt out and the oil makes the brushes soft and conditioned} 

{3. Swirl around} 

{4. Rinse and repeat the "swirl action" if necessary} 

{5. Lay brushes flat to dry, this prevents rusting} 

do this little task about once a week! 

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