DIY: cutoffs

The thought of even putting on jeans sounds horrific right now because it is nice and toasty. So I decided to take some jeans that I've had since high school and give them a nice little redo. Basically, it takes 5 minutes max, and you got yourself a new little addition to your wardrobe. yeeee hawww. 

supplies: old jeans, scissors, 5 minutes 

{1. the jeans...that for some reason, I never really liked to wear. I personally like my F21 jeans a lot more} 

{2. Try your jeans on and decided what length you would like them. Always go a little longer just incase, then go from there....} 

{3. It's easy to get them the same length by lining up the legs} 

top (thrifted} jeans {rock and republic} clutch {theory} shoes {really cheap ones from one of those random stores in the mall}

{4. Viola. Wash n' Dry if you want the fringe look, and/or cuff them} 

{5. Add top (or not?) & accessories} 

ps: no need to see my face. the hurr was a mess and i'm pretty sure i was still sweating from practice. it's called using the crop tool to it's fullest advantage.

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