coastal drive.

It was just last Monday (the 4th ohh July) I got to spend a little time in s. CA, my home. It was very low key because I had a little cough cough. mehhh. But, that didn't stop me from taking a drive with the fam bam to our favorite little spots on the coast. We drove through the 'bu (aka Malibu) where I was able to say hello to my dream house. Yes, I have it all picked out. It was nice to say hi and remind it of it's future owner. It was also a nice little reminder that I gotta keep workin' real hard towards my goals. Ok, should i stop now? probably. 

I just love California and don't really ever plan on leaving it, after all there is a song about me. Apologies for the bad joke, that referred to "California Girls."

la la love ya.  

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