ever think about your phone?

Ever think about having NO PHONE? Well I have, now that mine is missing. Stolen. Cahhput. I left it alone for apx. 1.09893 minutes. Anyways, that is not the point! The point is that I now know how reliant I was on my "smart phone." I wasn't obsessed with it or anything, let's be real...most of the people I text, I see on a daily basis (shout out to my 'mates.) But, I was reliant on it for most daily things: alarm clock, camera, navigation, weather, fb & twitter, tv channel guide, notes,  the news, email, passwords, my music, and even my banking. This is quite a terrifying now that I think about it! Yes, it's extremely convenient but at the same time scary. I lost A LOT and it's a big deal! 


It freaks me out that through one tiny little phone, someone knows my personality, likes/dislikes, photos, even my random thoughts that i would jot down using "notes." Technology is great and I love it. But from now on, I am going to be a bit more careful by putting a pass-code on my new phone and laying off some of the more personal apps (cough cough banking.) Just to think that someone is enjoying my wonderfully thought out playlists right now, makes me mad! grrrr

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