{monthly} captures.

what the cell phone saw when big D (as in DSLR) was sleeping/out of battery...

1. Oatmeal Squares seem much more posh in French (ps: if you have never tried this cereal. you must or else...)

2. Gosh wouldn't the color of this van make the perfect nude nail polish? 

3. "I love not camping." Those words couldn't be more true. 

4. The Butter nail salon. Pretty cool stuff, especially since it is free from nasty chemicals :) 

5. Chips and "guac." My favorite pastime. 

6. I stopped into visit one of my friends at work and this is what I saw...

7. No joke, lady bug landed on me before a race. It was a sign! 

8. School pride on a dumpster. Is your school this cool? 

9. April showers bring May flowers (and more showers) 

10. swimmie swim. 

11. hot diggity dog

beauty is all around. you just have to recognize it.


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