funky vs. fabulous.


-my  swim meet “dreadlocks” because deep conditioning makes my cap fall off

-spilling a whole bag of ground coffee. it now smells as if I’m sleeping at a coffee shop.

-falling asleep in public. and then waking up to stares probably because I was twitching.

-wearing rain boots, scarves, and parkas in JUNE. WHY, weather gods? WHY??

-mismatching socks because I don’t believe in pairing properly.

-debating if Canadian pennies are just as lucky as American ones.

-making peanut butter sandwiches with spoons because knives were MIA.  


-getting to have a week long sleepover with your best friends. 


-when people are just plain NICE.

-bonding with a lady at Whole Foods about the amazing-ness of dried cranberries!

-getting really expensive things for really cheap on SALE (or at target!) 

-bringing back the game of if it ever left. 

-airport nail salons.

-all my friends who are GRADUATING!!!! So proud : )

-playing on the swings. 

-thinking it’s Monday when it’s really…TUESDAY (you know the feeling!)   

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