my best thing.

inspired by this site, i thought i'd share some of my best things of each day throughout the past week. i steered away from the obvious and focused on those little things that really make the day special, here are just a few. 

monday: since it's been ohh so warm, i'm having a little love affair with popsicles. 

tuesday: coffee and writing at local cafes in between practices. For me, this refreshes me more then a nap. 

wednesday: my sister texted me this picture. By this face...i knew i always wanted to be not a lion, but a BEAR! 

thursday: curling up for a power nap. 

friday: taking in all the flowers on my walk home, instead of just rushing. 

saturday: one of the best acai bowls ever. reminds me of good days in HI. 

sunday: my sister sent me this book. it has been a great read before bed. 

so there you have it, i hope this helps you look at your day a little differently.

xxo lovies.  

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