funky vs. fabulous {friday}


-Really dry skin from a really cholrinated pool. 

-Showing up to practice an hour early….missed the memo.

-Not being able to sleep.

-When Facebook chat freaks out. 

-Speaking of technology…when you can multitask better than your computer (maybe i should update it, again?)

-The large # of black yoga pants I own, and regularly wear. (below)

-My neighbors fat cat without a tail. Creeeepy.



-Getting out and doing things, enjoying summer to the fullest.

-The brownies.

-Sprinkling cocoa in my latté.

-Just thinking about all the exciting things I'm going to do this weekend. Kinda obsessed with buying used books for summer reading.

-Driving and listening to country music with the windows down, sun shinnning. 

-Taking time to go to breakfast with friends. (above) 

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