the jacket problem...

hi. i suffer from "i'm a zombie linebacker, no longer a girl" syndrome whenever i attempt to shop for jackets. special thanks to my swimmer shoulders which give me this particular problem that I love so much (ha. yeah right!) but seriously, don't let this get in the way of leading a happy life!! (i sound like an infomercial!) 

all you have to do is self taylor your clothes! snip those shoulder pads out and live happily ever after. trust me, you won't ruin it. don't worry about the hole because it is tiny and can't be seen (feel free to sew it if it just kills ya.) ta dahh nice, new, jacket that excentuates, not adds to your shoulders. 

*side note: if your jacket is an investment piece either a. don't buy it and find something that fits perfectly or b. get it custom taylored. my jacket about was only $15 bucks so i really couldn't do any harm. 

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