my "baggage"

until the day comes when i will be asked by a big time magazine to be featured in one of those "what's in your bag" spreads, i decided to do my own. because i can. 

1. my favorite glasses ever. EVER. 

2. my bike lock. i haven't installed the thingy ma-jig that holds it on my bike yet, so i schlep it around. 

3. my hobo wallet. such a great investment. it keeps me so organized and is great if you need to quickly have a clutch.

4. my keys. ever since the dorm days, i like to have a tiny wallet attached with the "cards" for frantic days on campus.  

5. vaseline. i can't live without it. it is my solution to everything. 

6. the "friendship-esk" bracelets. i've been really into the layered look with my jewelry. but since i'm always working out, they end up at the bottom of my bag. 

7. lucky pennies. no joke the only extra change i had rolling around the bottom of my bag were pennies. this is probably because i pick them up whenever i see one and use the rest of my change on parking meters. 

8. A headband for bad hair days, by that i mean everyday... 

9. ahh yess the lipstick. currently obsessed with chanel's rouge coco "mademoiselle."  

10. little packets of stevia because Splenda sucks and is mean to you. 

11. inspiration. 

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