canada eh?

I have 3 favorite places in this world: New York City, California (no specific part,) and my bed [jokes.] But, I must say…Vancouver CANADA is looking to make my top 4. I had a blast on a recent {swim} trip there. I want to go back ASAP. Can anyone arrange this? 

A little list of why I like Canada….

-Things are in both French and English, so sometimes I can pretend I’m in that far away land called Paris.

-Their money makes me feel like I’m playing a board game… it’s plastic”y” and in bright colors with plenty of coins.

-Hockey makes football seem easy (and boring.)

-You can be on the beach, looking at the city, with snow covered mountains behind you.

-They invented Lulu Lemon. 'nough said. 

-None of my friends in the States would have my clothes. 

-I can say  “Eh” whenever I want, eh?

-Since it seems to rain a lot, it will cut back on my sun exposure…preventing wrinkles.

-Foreign men.

-I would get to show off my ugly passport picture regularly when I go back to the States.

-I could eat pancakes with real maple syrup whenever the heck I want.


What do you think? Canada eh?

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