funky v. fabulous


-my ringtone. it's the sound of ducks quacking. don't ask me why i thought this would be a good idea. 

-cleaning the drains. ohh the joys of renting. 

-those first few minutes when you put your retainers in for the first time in days. 

-that awkward time of day (4pm) when you want to nap and/or eat dinner but shouldn't for the various consequences that follow. 

-forgetting peoples names. 

-when you accidentally delete all the photos on your camera. 

-trying to put the sheet on the last corner of your bed and it keeps popping off. 

-the music that plays when you are put on hold (did you hear that Comcast?

-the grocery bill. i eat a lot of food. 



-sitting at a coffee shop and reading a book (not related to school) in between practices. 

-the show "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding." omg. OMG. my mouth was open in shock the entire time. 

-My wonderful fam that came to visit me. 

-deep conversations about the future. 

-putting jeans on for the first time this summer. don't judge, summer training is hard! 

-reading almost all the greeting cards at the store because let's be real, they are hilarious. 

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