from swimming 2 shoes {guest post}

My sista Hannah is going to start contributing and I'm so excited! She's a pretty cool gal, so it should be a great addition to pwp. Enjoy! xxo 

Who knew Ryan Lochte would be swimmer icon turned designer icon? With his swimming career launching forward, competing in next month’s world championships in Shanghai, he is diving into the realm of fashion…ahhh what more can I ask for?! He will be designing his own line of shoes (a girl’s best friend!) and business suits (idk about you guys, but I love menswear: the textures, the sophistication, the smell of untouched leather and cologne). He has already collaborated with Speedo, designing a Limited Edition of men’s and women’s sandals, as well as some pretty fly lime green, rhinestone-covered high top kicks. Wait, did I mention I love lime green, and rhinestones, and not to mention the man in the shoes? Though I know nothing about swimming and a lil something about fashion id say “Jeah!” for Ryan. So now its time for y’all decide: Lochte or Louboutin? 




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