funky vs. fabulous friday.

Funky vs. faboulous (race style)

-when your suit rips…right before your race.

-that moment a breastroker kicks you in the face.

-the awkward “I don’t want to slip and fall on the deck” walk

-when you have warm up before Starbucks is open. what’s a girl to do without her coffee?

-seeing people you kind of, sorta know, but don’t know if they recognize you back?

-when the kid racing you is just starting high school (unless you are also starting high school) 

-that dance you do to get into your race suit.

-eating sandwiches for 5 days in a row.


-requesting “walk out” songs for finals. 

-dancing on the deck.

-not knowing what the day or date is…because lets be honest, when you race, you are in a bubble.

-getting to kick it with your teammates all day long.

-living in sweats the entire day. actually, the entire meet.

-a brand spankin' new swim cap at the start of the meet.

-blasting pump up music, alllll day long.

-watching mindless TV in between prelims and finals (Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! or "The Price is Right")

-trading caps and making friends.

-finally getting to do what you train for. 

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