ever think about sun sunscreen

what the heck does it all mean?? so long rumors... 

Broad spectrum: this protects skin from both types of rays; UVB, which burns the skin and UVA, which cause age-related damage (ohh no!) You want this protection NO MATTER WHAT. 

SPF: The "relative" amount of protection you're getting from UVB rays. For example, an SPF 15 product protects skin from about 93% of UVB rays; and SPF 45, about 97%. Nothing blocks 100%. 

Active Ingredients: These actually absorb or reflect rays, as opposed to ingredients that simply soothe skin.

-Avobenzone: absorbs harmful harmful UVA rays. 

-Zinc oxide or titanium dioxide: reflects rays away from the skin insted of absorbing them. A good option for people with sensitive skin. 

Water resistant: Listen up water babies, this maintains SPF protection after 40 minutes of swimming or sweating. "Very water resistant" or "very sweat-resistant" products protect for up to 80 minutes. Experts say nothing is completely waterproof. 

-One bottle of sunscreen is probably not enough for that paradise vacation. It takes 1 ounce to cover your body. If you are in the sun for 6 hours, you need to re-apply twice. 

-Don't forget about your scalp, a very common place for skin cancer. Cover with a hat, or a hair sun protector. 

-Andd...on a vanity level, our chests, hands, neck, and eyes age the quickest. Cover those babies up. 


kids, don't forget to lather up! You don't want mr. melanoma to pay a visit. he's brutal. And with this, i want to give a shout out to my mama. she's a survivor. i'm so proud and thankful for all the docs who helped her and my family out! for more info check out melanoma.org. kk, have a grrreat day. 

expert info is from Real Simple, Glamour, and my own experiences. 

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