monkeys and sports.

Maybe the 3 little monkeys knew the answer all along? 

and...maybe, just maybe, it can magically be applied to sports?


Don’t listen to others (or yourself) tell you it can't be done. HEAR NO EVIL. Remember, the impossible is nothing. Just have a little faith.  

 See no failures, SEE NO EVIL, only success.  Let your mind, body, and heart do what it’s meant to do. Just believe and you will see.   

Eventually, words will become the reality. SPEAK NO EVIL, only words that point you to the direction of your dreams. 

{this sounds corny...but now apply to life, sports, school. voila}  


I believe that when you...

dream a dream, it will happen.


ps: i just had to link you up to wikipedia. because i can and usually i can't...or else my professors would judge...

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