{monthly} captures.

1. Remember lanyards at summer camp? Well, they are making a comeback ON MY KEYZZ

2. Those lemon poppy seed muffins i was talkin about. 

3. Had to stop on my run. Pause my ipod. And take a pic of the purrty roses. 

4. Swim with Mike entrance! 

5. I would love this car.

6. Met this lil guy on my way to practice!

7. Hanging with good friends on my burrfday

8. April was filled with so many days of birth, that I was making cupcakes @ least once a week! 

9. Napa, 'member? 

10. School year books from 1900. Now those guys were the original hippies.

11. Inflatable Easter card from sista. 

12. My favorite trio: GB Swimming, Philz Coffee, and greek yogurt. try to compete with that! 

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