grown up dindin?

what is that you say? yes, a real dinner made by yours truly. shucks, i'm blushing. but seriously, i am a little proud i made a whole dinner from scratch. and it was delicious. then i shared it with my friend-fam (gav and colleen.) It was only appropriate we finally got together outside of class to talk, this way we couldn't get in trouble.  

on the menu: spinach gnocchi, salad with raspberry vinaigrette and candied pecans, garlic bread, and some liquid antioxidants ;) 

nom.nom. and nomnom some more.  

i got the recipe for the gnocchi from my Moosewood Classics book, also found online here

ps: for some reason i forgot to take a picture of the finished gnocchi. visualize...the above pics but golden brown, hot out of the oven! 

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