funky vs. fabulous.


-trying to read in the car. dizzzzyyy. 

-swim suit strap marks on my neck that look like....ahhemm 

-cuddling with the pups and then suffering the consequences of dog hair after. 

-that little light the tells me i need more gas. i'm in denial okk. 

-allergies = puffy eyes, itchy throat, runny nose... basically, a really attractive me.

 -sleeping on the airplane, it only leads to good things like public humiliation and a stiff neck. 

-the athlete tan line: because if you wear a uniform, no matter what type it is, you probably have some sort of tan lines that look awkward in a dress (embrace it friends OR invest in some good fake tanner.) 



-graduation parties lead to good food, good friends and good celebration. CONGRATS ON BEING FREE! 


-2 story hotel rooms.

-Reunions with my childhood best friends (yes, they stuck with me even through my awkward years...see pic above) 

-the athletic section at Bloomingdales. 

-mani/pedi with my mama! 

-the summer shampoos that are sooo made specifically for cough cough us swimmers. 

-study breaks that involve new music. successfully distracting. 

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