funky vs. fabulous.


-locking myself out of my apartment. having to sleep in the dorms. making friends with the locksmith. 

-the red face i get after practice that lingers for a chunk of the morning.

-the mixing and matching of denim due to the aftermath of justin and britney. but, it's growing on me (if you couldn't tell.)

-forgetting the set in practice because i was so excited about the concepts i was working on.

-that last minute before your phone runs out of battery.

-first meet of the season. awkward. 

-the fact that i haven't seen my best friend since august. not ok.    

-goggle tan. 

-burning my dinner because i got carried away writing this... 

my closet: shirt {target} jeans {jbrand} bag {theit} glasses {rayban} bracelets {H&M}



-"dead week." Allows us students to catch up and study before...finals

-deeply conditioned hair after a much need hair cut. 

-productivity before 9am. 

-see my purse? It's actually a camera bag. My best purchase ever. 

-THE GOOD OL' U. S. of A. Because we accomplish what we put our minds to. 

-buying magazines and spending all afternoon reading them. 

-the weight-room playlist. 

-Summer. Only 2 days away :) 

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