face lift.

I couldn't part with this little table that was left behind in my new place by the previous tenants. Since I needed a "miscellaneous" table (place to drop the keys, glasses, etc) I thought this would be the perfect solution. For as much as a coffee/scone, I gave this little guy a face lift by painting it a deep plum. It now looks brand spankin' new!!!!!!! Who would have thought? 

steps if you want to adopt a stranded piece: 

1. See it's potential and give it a good scrub

2. Give it a light sand (the paint sticks better this way) 

3. Spray it with several coats of spray paint (to my surprise, it needed about 4 coats) 

4. Seal it with a top coat spray. Let dry for about 24 hours (or overnight) 

Voila! That is all :) 

{hope you have a splendid weekend}  

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