{monthly captures}


what the lil mobile captured when big D couldn't...

1. Bella is a camera HOG! 

2. shooting the PAC 12 (formerly PAC 10) commercial! Watch it here

3. Packin' up the goods with pink bubble wrap and cheetah duct tape. duh. 

4. Yet another protest on my walk to class. This time, crazies ended up on the roof! 

5. Airport slot machines. Keepin' it classy. 

6. I'm such a good passenger, snappin' pics of the sister while hitting up our favorite spots in LA... attempting to find "cat eye" glasses. 

7. Early morning scooter ride to coffee. You can read about it here...and then (probably) make fun of me. 

8. Da girls. 

9. Bought some temporary bling to celebrate the  NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP :) 

10. Only my sister goes to the grocery store in fur and a chanel. D.I.V.A. 

11. Spring flowers :) 

12. Flavors of the day at my favorite little ice cream shop, Ici. The chocolate at the bottom of the cone is to die for. 

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