ever think about a bad mood gone good?

Happy happy. Joy joy. I have been in such a great mood these last few days. Things just seem to be looking up in every aspect of my life. Since a good mood is contagious (just like a sneeze) here are some tips on how to snap a grin on your purty face when things aren't always going your way...

-Hit up YOUTUBE and watch anything that has to do with laughing babies, kittens, or grape stompers. 

-Set a timer for 20 minutes and vent to your cat, best friend, or the news reporter on mute. Then be done with it. 

-Go to gym and run your little heart out or take that free kickboxing class. 

-Go on a little walk and listen to the birdies chirp and the kiddies play. 

-Treat yourself to a nice meal from your favorite restaurant. 

-Two words: mani/pedi. 

-Get in your car. Turn on your car. BLAST THE MUSIC. 

See ya mr. grinch!!!!!! 

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