funky vs. fabulous.

I’m doing a another one of these posts because I wanna!!


-The Lakers. Really? Come on guys; stop giving me a heart attack.

-See this shirt? It was cheap. Thus, the buttons kept coming undone. So inappropriate, I know.

-The "bug" flying around and making everyone around me sick. Friends, start taking your VC.

-My hair. It has no self-control.

-My unbelievable amount of schoolwork.

-My swimmer legs that hyper-extend. Bad em. Bad. 

-Paying bills. Sucks. 

-Pretending to be a diver. Not a shot. 

-When my blonde moments get the best of me. 

my closet: shirt and shoes {target}, skirt {gift from mom}, bag {theit}


-My Easter! I had the best brunch with my best friends. It really was the perfect day.

-“Delay brew” on my coffee maker. My mood is immediately better at 6am.

-SWIM WITH MIKE. Next year, U 2 will be there (meaning YOU, not the band...)

-Teaching little kiddies how to swim!

-Long hot showers.

-The cards I get from my family. They are hilarious and sometimes inflatable.

-Free samples from Whole Foods in honor of Earth Day. 

-Inner tube relays.

-A sparkly clean car.

{picture by Michelle Ducca}  

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