funky vs. fabulous.

because sometimes the day is funky and fabulous. 


-Talking to the cable company more than my mother this past week.

-Having to do a photo-manipulation of Scarlett Johansson in my design class. 

-The weather. From cloudy to sunny. Chilly to hot…within minutes.

-My neighbor’s cat that seems to be stalking me.

-Seaweed chips.

-Rapping in Swahili.

-My aching shins. I hope the whole "barefoot-like" running shoes idea is just a trend (the shoes are now in the trash)

-Using Windex to take my favorite ring off. Hey, it works.

-Eating everything in site because I am randomly so hungry.


-Having a dishwasher. Life changing.

-My first donut from "King Pin." Delish.

-Extra birthday cash.

-Yogurt covered pretzels from Whole Foods.

-Awaiting a Vegan cookbook from my bestie.

-The wonderful emails you all have been sending me about PWP. Keep 'em coming. 

-The fact that ALL the baristas (my new friends) in my favorite coffee shop know my name and order, by heart. 

-Raspberry toast using cinnamon bread. 

-Renting movies all Sunday without leaving the couch. 

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