a random rant on breakfast.



because it is the best meal of the day. the meal that doctors, tv hosts, and info commercials tell us we should not skip. and besides that, it is #1. it is the first thing that kick starts our day. who knows, it could be the meal that begins the best day of your life. why would you risk skipping it? 

besides, no other meal allows for chocolate chip pancakes, the amazing crunch of cereal, the drizzle of honey, the flavor of French toast, the jumboness (just made that up) of a breakfast burrito, the smoothness of oatmeal, the fruitiness of a smoothie, the colors of fruit, and the simplicity of toast. 

so don't try to compete with breakfast, because you just won't win. 

that being said, all i really want is my mom's chocolate chip pancakes. asap. 

want some b-fast inspiration? check out this oldie but goodie. 2B enjoyed after an intense Saturday morning workout. 

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