thou shalt love your hair.

-Beach waves are a CLASSIC not a trend.  

-Show your hair some love and apply a heat protector to it before you go to town...

-And then, blow dry your hair to the side rather than upside down for volume. 

-Don't over shampoo or condition or else it will look like you didn't shampoo or condition. 

-Braids are the only acceptable form of a pigtail. 

-You always look your best if you stick to your natural hair texture (curly, straight, etc) 

-If your need a new hairstylist find one through reccomendation, not trial (which usually leads to error) 

-I don't believe in "dry" shampoo. If your hair looks and/or is dirty, it needs to be washed, not covered up. 

-A moisture mask once a week can work wonders. 

-If your headband stays on during workout, you aren't working hard enough. 

ohh remember these oldies but goodies about hair? and lets not forget about the swimmer bun

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