I welcome you to my newest adventure (no pun intended.) Since I am embarking on my last year of college I have decided there are tons of things that must be done before I enter the “real world.” Let’s consider this my almost quarter-life bucket list... 

Now, this isn’t written in stone (well duh, it’s a post), and I hope to add and/or adjust it accordingly, but most importantly, complete it.  I’m going to try to make these “musts” part of my famous “one fun thing” extravaganzas. I hope I can add tons of memories to my already amazing college experience, laugh a lot, and have some crazy stories to tell. Maybe this will inspire you to break out of your routine (we all have them) and explore da world like a kid in a candy store with your friends.

ps: Let’s make a pact to make the most of everything. Time flies, so we might as well have some fun! 

have any other suggestions??  xxo

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