{monthly} captures.

Little things my iphone captured when my other camera could not...

1. pretty flowers!!!!

2. Walk on campus during the sunset. Beautiful. 

3. New shoes. OBSESSED.

4. Inflatable valentine? Yup. 

5. Breakfast adventure enjoying some buckwheat banana pancakes from Cafe M {Berkeley}. Delicious. 

6. Tuti Fruiti GRAND OPENING in Berkeley, Ca. My favorite fro-yo just came to my hood (sister is jealous)

7. SNOW? What is that? The snow made Seattle a little more exciting! 

8. Makin' posters to cheer on the guy swimmer bears. 

9. Sorry, did I mention how much I love my school? 

10. Pre-made mission kits? Dear 4th graders, when I was your age... I HAD TO BE CREATIVE. 

11. Just chillin' with my legs up against the wall. You know, to get all the yucky stuff out before I race. AKA trying to distract my self with my random apps to prevent nervousness! 

12. Across the pool dance off. What Whattttt. 

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