march holidays!

Berries and Cherries Month

Irish-American Heritage Month

National Eye Donor Month

National Nutrition Month

1-National Horse Protection Day/ Plan a Solo Vacation Day

2- Dr. Seuss Day

3- I want you to be happy Day

4-Employee Appreciation Day

5-Potty Dance Day

6- US Snowshoe Day

7-National be Heard Day/ Fun Facts about Names Day

8- International Women’s Day

9-Unique Names Day/ Ash Wednesday/Get over it Day

10-US Paper Money Day

11-Middle Name Pride Day

12-Girl Scout Day (eat those cookies!)

13-International Fanny Pack Day

14-Potato Chip Day

15-Napping Day (OHHHHHH MY GAWD!!! Yes.)

16-Freedom of Information Day

17-St. Patrick’s Day

18-Awkaward Moments Day

19-Corn Dog Day

20-Proposal Day

21-Natioanl Common Courtesy Day

22-World Day for Water

23-Kick Butts Day

24-National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

25-Pecan Day

26-Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

27-Quirky Country Music Songs Day

28- x

29-Natioanl Mom and Pops Business Owners Day

30-Grass is always browner on the other side of the fence day

31-National “She’s Funny that Way” Day

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