funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. fabulous…accessories edition.

{dress} french connection {jacket} gift {tights} tabbisocks {leg warmers} falke {shoes} thrifted


-yes my glasses let me see the road but also how dirty my windshield is.

-“I like your bag, I mean black hole…”

-the "i have blisters" walk...but my shoes are just wayy too cute.

-pre-workout routine: take off jewelry. put in “special spot." remember “special spot.” fail.

-gahh. can't. get. that. ring. OFF.

-yes, that bag costs more than my rent.

-tangled necklaces.

-when your sunglasses fog up right after a tough workout…awkward.

-heels that double as stilts.


{hat} burton {sweater} h&m {leggings} lulu lemon {mat} gaiam {nail polish} deborah lippmann 


 -how the perfect pair of shoes can change your life.

-that piece(s) of jewelry that means the world to you.

-lets be real, eyeglasses make the perfect headband.

-accessories don’t require a dressing room!

--order glasses. see the world.

-receiving my national champ ring. nbd. can't wait! 

              -a jazzy new pair of frames can instantly upgrade you from the childrens' table this holiday season.

-when fate unites you with…the perfect BAG.

-the fact that you can finally buy eyeglasses online, ‘bout time folks! 


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now go on, have a good weekend


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