so routine.


1. Nude polish, you can't tell if it chips and it goes well with everything [but, every now and then I like to add brightcolors!]

2.Cover Girl "Lash Blast." Amazing. The "waterproof" part lets it lasts all day and won't smudge breaking a sweat. 

3. Sephora makes the perfect eyeliner. I own many colors and even the jumbo pencil for a more "smokey" eye. Love it. 

4. Amanda introduced me to this stuff! I love it. I use it as foundation (waterproof & spf) or sometimes when I want a more natural look, I just put it on blemishes and it lasts all day. 

5. Nars cream eye-shadow. My favorite. It's perfect for a little color and also works as the perfect base if you like to add loose shimmer. 

6. Pretty much addicted to lip balm, so if it has a bit of color, even better! 

7. Lip stain adds color and lasts all day! (Cover Girl also has great colors.) 

8. Lastly, Nars makes the best blush. End of story. 

ps: Speaking of the "daily method," has anyone ever taken a class? I want to try it out!


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