funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...NEW YEARS edition!  

{dress} ali ro {jacket} my moms {shoes} zara (similar)

-Actually staying up till midnight...

 -Confetti and its mess.

 - Saying "it is the last (fill in the blank) of 2011"

 -Resolution pressure.

 -100x100 (all swimmers have been taunted with this...)

 -What if the ball actually dropped?

 -Knowing a good gym detox will be needed.

 -Remembering to write 2011 2012 for the next few months.


{shoes} zara {cuff} my mom made it!!! {bracelets} gifts {sister's tiger cuff} alkemie


-New year, new start.

-Living in a different year than those Aussis for a few hours. 

-Bubbly and appetizers. 

-Sequins and sparkles. 

-Saying "see you next year..."  

-If you were actually the first born kid of the year.

-Noise makers, confetti, and bubbles


Happy NEW YEAR friends. It has been a good ride. Stay safe, have fun, enjoy yourselves! 

"See you next year..."

ps: no workout photo. gurl...its a holiday!   

pps: this outfit is for a New Years Eve wedding, fun stuff! 


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