funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. edition, more formally known as, "i just finished finals," happy dance edition. 

{hat} H&M {top} {sweater} dolan {leggings} lulu lemon {leg warmers}foot traffic {boots} COACH


-bad dreams. 

-hand cramps, or any cramps for that matter. especially cramps in style. 

-imagining how stale my ginger bread house is. 

-the surprise downpour on my walk to class. 

-talking to Siri at the gym. i am look crazy. 

-ugly sweaters.  

{head band} lulu lemon {top} C&C {leggings} lulu lemon {leg warmers} foot traffic {shoes} my feet! 


-ugly sweaters. 


-workout buddies. 

-almost CHRISTMAS: time for family, friends, and memories. 

-eating out. 

-the future! 

-lucky pennies. 

-anything with peanut butter. 

-finding that perfect gift. giving that perfect gift. 


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